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Computer running slowly ?
Internet connection problems ?
Windows won't start ?
Unexplained error messages ?
Blue screens of death ?
Network connection problems ?
Crashing or freezing, generally running slow or poor performance ?

If you are experiencing any of the these problems the first thing to do is:
STOP! (Do all)
Do not to panic.
just pick up the phone and contact C3L for advice and support.

Remote computer support is a way for C3L to gain direct visibility into the problems our customers are experiencing - through the eyes of our customers. By using our ‘Live Assistance’ feature, we can save you time and frustration and focus on solving your issues quickly and efficiently.

We provide:
General Help and Advice
Troubleshooting and Repairs
Virus Detection, Removal and Protection
Preventative Maintenance to stop things going wrong in the first place
Data Recovery and Backup
Software solution recommendation
Broadband network Installation
New PC Set-up
Software Installation and Set-up
Specialist CCTV configuration
Professional Consultancy Advice

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What does it cost ?
We provide you with the following options:

One Off
upto 1 hour
Single Session
+ £35 per extra hr

3 Months
upto 2 hours
Multiple Sessions
+ £35 per extra hr

1 Year
upto 4 hours
Unlimited Sessions
+ £25 per extra hr

1 Year
Unlimited Sessions - Unlimited Time
£75 for Static IP’s
£100 for Dynamic IP’s

If you have got to his site you have probably come from recommendation, so you can be confident that we can deliver or services efficiently and effectively!

The one cost you will not see above is the invaluable cost saving we can offer you in providing solutions by way of consultation advice that will make your time more they say ‘time is money’ and we just may be able to offer you that time...

For a full range of private and business solutions including web sites, hosting, branding and consultation please visit our parent site:

Please call us for any support issues you may have, If you need 'Live Assistance' please call us on the number shown below and we will call you right back, so we can talk you through 'step-by-step'.

 07077 800 211

In order for us to give you online support you will need to install a small application, this process will take no longer than a few minutes, please contact us first to set up a session, then click on the icon below for instant live support.

Calls to this number cost from 10 pence per minute from a standard BT landline.
Calls from other networks and mobiles may vary a division of Celutions

For support, information and inquiries please contact