Computer running slowly ?
Internet connection problems ?
Windows won't start ?
Unexplained error messages ?
Blue screens of death ?
Network connection problems ?
Crashing or freezing, generally running slow or poor performance ?

Yes... we have all experienced these at one time or another....but what can you do about it, if you know then you will not require our services, if however you are not quite sure then you are in the right place.

We offer a full remote service and can diagnose and repair many hardware and software problems.

Remote computer support is a way for C3L to gain direct visibility into the problems our customers are experiencing - through the eyes of our customers. By using our ‘Live Assistance’ feature, we can save you time and frustration and focus on solving your issues quickly and efficiently.

Where we can help :

  Slow Computers
Over time computer systems have a tendency to eat themselves, becoming bloated and unresponsive with programs, updates, broken links and fragmented files. We provide solutions to help speed up your computers.

Virus Removal
Computers suffer a daily torrent of break-in attempts, from the sly to the brute, but unlike people, can’t normally heal themselves. Fortunately we can pry out even the most resilient of PC viruses.

Spyware Removal
Spyware, Malware, Bloat and Adware has become amazingly complex and discreet and is probably the primary reason your slows your PC down over time. We can identify and remove these rogue programs.

Full PC Service
Like cars, PC’s work best when they're properly maintained, although even the most organised system can become bloated. We can clean up your system and unleash it’s full potential all over again!

We provide a full installation, repair and maintenance service for both wired and wireless networks including LAN/ WAN Networks: We can quickly configure and troubleshoot all attached peripheral devices including: Routers, Switches and Hubs.

Secure Wireless Networks
We can create secure wireless networks (802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n), which are protected from unauthorised access by encoding all your data using wireless encryption protocols such as: Wireless Protected Access (WPA) and Wireless Protected Access II (WPA2).

Device Configuration
We are able to configure and install printers, laptops, pc's, and many other perhiperals allowing you to share data between devices and making full use of your network.

PC Backup
PC backups are the achilles heel of the computing world- always talked about, easy to perform but terribly implemented. C3L can take you through the whole process, from first run to full restore.

Operating System & Upgrades
We can help you with the installation of any new software you may have purchased or simply help you to migrate to the latest version of Microsoft Windows.

Software Installation
From nifty bits of productivity software to the latest games, we can help you overcome any tedious problems and errors encountered whilst installing your or updating your latest toys.

We are specialists in resolving remote web access issues to home or business CCTV systems, we can setup and configure your DVR, Router, Network and port settings so that you will be able to remotely view your security system from anywhere in the world regardless if your ISP issues you with a Static or Dynamic IP.

From send and receive errors and signature issues to email recovery and configuration, we can help - no matter who your email provider. we can even provide tailored and personalised email addresses and solutions.

File Downloads
The advent of the internet posed age old problems in a new and novel way - identification, authenticity and integrity all had to be accounted for, but these measures can interrupt even the most basic internet tasks. Don’t throw it out the window, talk to us.

File Sharing
Computers truly show their value when you let them talk to each other- sharing files between colleagues, streaming music to your PS3, videos to your iPhone, we can help you do it all, from anywhere in the world!

Microsoft Office
The world's most advanced office productivity software, Microsoft Office is a necessity for modern computers, and we’ve used and fixed it so much we can solve most any problem presented to us!

Windows has become much better in the last few years at talking to printers correctly, but if your's doesn’t yet, we'll have you back up in no time. Any printer, any PC, providing you’ve got the cable!

PC Health Check
Every computer needs a checkup at least once a year, more frequently if you have kids, you know that for some reason your PC starts running a bit slow, we help diagnose and resolve any problems that may have ‘introduced’ themselves to your system.

We can also provide full hardware support from upgrading, reinstalling to repair and replacement. Even if it’s only advice you need, we can help!

For Business
C3L has over 15 years of experience in operational management within many business environments with a strong bias on technology, we can offer advice and help on your business, weather a startup or established we can provide efficient solutions even where you did not identify the need. for one. For a full range of private and business solutions including consultancy, infrastructure, marketing, branding and web deployment, please contact us or visit our parent site: www.celutions.com

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